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  • NDOC Continues To Apply Humane Practices Picked Up During PLO’s EPP Tour

    May, 2018

    Fox News – 05/25/18,

    BISMARCk, N.D. – More than 80,000 inmates are placed in solitary confinement every year across the country.

    A study by New York University says solitary confinement is considered harmful to a prisoner’s mental health because it restricts meaningful social contact.http://

  • Plo Reaches Settlement In Class Action Challenging San Bernardino County Jails

    March, 2018

    San Bernardino, California (March 28, 2018) –A settlement has been reached in a class action case filed against San Bernardino County regarding the constitutionality of the conditions of confinement in the county jails. Under the settlement county officials have agreed to make improvements in certain areas of jail operations that affect the health and well-being of those who are incarcerated in the county’s jails.


    Follow-up:San Bernardino County settles class action lawsuit alleging jail inmate civil rights violations

    The Sun – March 28, 2018, 

    A Berkeley-based prisoner rights legal office announced Wednesday, March 28, it has settled its class action lawsuit against San Bernardino County and the Sheriff’s Department alleging inmate civil rights violations at county jails.


    Follow-up:Class action jail lawsuit settled as Sheriff’s Department vows series of changes

    Daily Press – 03/28/2018,

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit over the conditions of the county’s jails, officials said Wednesday.

  • Alaska Looks to Norway For Better Practices In Their Prisons

    March, 2018

    KTOO – March 23, 2018,

    A small group of Alaska corrections officers are spending more time getting to know inmates, with a goal of helping them reintegrate in society once they’re released. That’s one of several reforms Alaska officials are drawing from the example of Norway, in making changes to how prisons in the state operate.


  • Federal Judge Calls Hearing After KJZZ Report on Health Care Delivery In AZ Prisons

    December, 2017

    KJZZ, December 20 – Waving his iPad and pointing to a KJZZ story on prison health care, Magistrate Judge David Duncan furiously addressed the courtroom at a Parsons v. Ryan status hearing in federal court Wednesday morning.

  • KJZZ – The Chaos Of AZ Prison Health Care Part 2

    December, 2017

    Prison Doctor Speaks –  Dr. Jan Watson “I had never seen anything like that in my life,” she said, her eyes taking on a distant gaze as she recalled her experiences. “I had inmates dropping left and right. It was kind of overwhelming and scary at first, but then, I just – became accustomed to it.”