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  • USA Today Story – PLO’s “European Prison Project” Has Positive Impact In U.S. Facilities

    March 31, 2017 – USA Today highlights the positive influence PLO sponsored “European Prison Project” has on participants.  States like North Dakota have already implemented a few Norwegian practices, as a result those facilities have seen a decrease in violence.

  • PLO ANNOUNCEMENT: New Immigration Detention Project

    The Prison Law Office is starting a new project to investigate and litigate conditions in California Immigration Detention Centers.   The following five positions have been created to staff the project.

    (1) Senior Staff Attorney

    (2) Staff Attorney

    (2) Investigators

  • Phoenix New Times Article Features Prison Law Office Lawsuit Against Arizona Department of Corrections

    The May 19, 2016 cover story of the Phoenix New Times newspaper features the tragic experience of an Arizona woman who needlessly died due to ADC’s and Corizon’s failure to treat her cervical cancer, and details the problems uncovered by the Parsons v. Ryan lawsuit filed by our office, the ACLU, and other attorneys challenging the state’s broken health care system.


  • Two Wardens Retire After Prison Law Office Investigation

    SACRAMENTO–The wardens at California’s two major women’s prisons have retired amid allegations of pervasive problems at both institutions, including sexual abuse of female inmates at one prison and suicides at the other.    Full Story

    Follow-up:KQED "California Report" Interview With PLO Director On Abuse of Women Prisoners

    Follow-up:Prison Law Office Reports CCWF Investigation Findings

    From the very top of its former management, CCWF has incubated an institutional culture that permits, condones, and covers up abuse; that allows staff to retaliate against prisoners seeking assistance; and that prevents prisoners from seeking help from entities outside the institution. This corrosive atmosphere of fear and violence stems from  widespread failure of staff to perform the most basic requirements of their jobs.   Full report.

  • Mother Jones Reports on PLO’s European Prison Project

    Can Norway-Style Prisons work in America?  That’s what North Dakota is trying to figure out.


    More European Prison Project Info