Parolee Rights Manual

November 2002

Your Responsibility When Using the Information Provided in the Parolee Rights Manual:

When we wrote this Informational Material we did our best to give you useful and accurate information because we know that prisoners and their families and advocates often have difficulty obtaining legal information and we cannot provide specific advice to all who request it. The laws change frequently and are subject to differing interpretations. We do not always have the resources to make changes to this material every time the law changes.

The parole manual was origionally published in 1990 by the State Bar's Standing Committee on Legal Services for Prisoners, Legal Services Section, and was most recently updated by the Prison Law Office in November 2002. If you want legal advice backed by a guarantee, try to hire a lawyer to address your specific problem. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information contained in this booklet has not changed and is applicable to your situation. Most of the materials you need should be available in the public law library. Prisoners should also be able to find these materials in the prison law libraries.