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  • Information Re: Proposition 64 (Legalization of Marijuana) November 2016 new

    California passed Proposition 64 in November 2016.  This Proposition makes it legal for adults age 21 or older to possess, use, buy, transport, or give away small amounts of marijuana and concentrated cannabis for non-medical use, and reduces the penalties for many marijuana and cannabis crimes.  People who were convicted of marijuana and cannabis crimes in the past can petition for re-sentencing, re-designation, or dismissal in accord with the new laws.  However, prisoners and jail inmates should understand that it is still a felony (and still a violation of CDCR rules) for a prisoner or inmate to possess or use marijuana or cannabis.

  • Proposition 57: CDCR’s New Credit and Early Parole Regulations July 2017 new

    CDCR has announced new rules that will grant many prisoners additional good conduct and programming credits and allow some nonviolent prisoners serving determinate sentences to be considered for early parole. The rules are in effect on an emergency basis while the CDCR undergoes a formal rule-making process to enact the rules on a permanent basis. More information about the regulations and how to submit public comments are in this Proposition 57 information letter (updated 7/19/2017). The text of the regulations and additional information is available on the CDCR website.

  • Sending Legal Mail and Documents August 2017 new

    Information on sending confidential legal mail to attorneys and the courts.

  • SB260/SB261 Youthful Offender Parole Guide April 2017 new

    Spanish version

    This Youthful Offender Parole Guide provides detailed information about the laws that allow many prisoners to seek early parole for crimes they committed prior to age 23.  The Guide also has practical tips for convincing the BPH to grant early parole.


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