Prisoners Handbook

The California State Prisoners Handbook

CA Prisoners Handbook

by Heather MacKay and The Prison Law Office

Everything You Need to Know About Prison and Parole Law!
2014 Supplement Now Available!

The California State Prisoners Handbook is a unique and valuable resource for prisoners, and their attorneys and advocates. The Handbook discusses in detail the laws governing prisoner rights and the policies and practices of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The 1,100-page Fourth Edition (2008) also includes numerous sample forms and model pleadings! 17 chapters cover:

  • Administrative Appeals
  • Rights of Prisoners
  • Classification and Transfers
  • Determinate Sentences, Time Credits and Release Dates
  • Life Prisoners
  • Disciplinary Violations and Segregation
  • Medical and Mental Health Care
  • Detainers and Extradition
  • Early and Temporary Releases and Special Prison Programs
  • Parole
  • MDO and SVP Commitments
  • Workers Compensation and Other Benefits
  • Immigration Issues for Noncitizen Prisoners
  • Writs of Habeas Corpus and Mandate
  • Federal Civil Rights and State Tort Law Actions
  • Direct Appeals of Convictions
  • Legal Research and Writing

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