- California State Prisoners Handbook, Fourth Edition (2008) and 2011 Supplement


- Information Re: Proposition 47 (3/15) also in Spanish (older version)Informacion Sobre La Propuesta 47 (11/14)


- How to file an Administrative Appeal (10/15) also in Spanish (older version) Como Tramitar una Apelacion Administrativa (1/13)

- Requesting Investigations of Staff Misconduct and Conditions of Confinement Problems (7/13) also in Spanish (older version) Investigationes de Mala Conducta de Personal u Otras Condiciones de Problemas en Encierro (11/11)

- Information About California's Prison Population Reduction Plans (6/15) NEW also in Spanish (older version) El Hacinamiento en las Prisiones de California/Planes Para Reducir la Poblacion Penitenciaria (3/15)

- Rights Regarding Prison Disciplinary Proceedings (3/10) also in Spanish Los Derechos de Los Presos en Relacion Con Graves Cargos Disciplinarios (3/10)

- Rights of Prisoners in Administrative Segregation (5/14) also in Spanish (older version) Los Derechos de Los Presos en la Segregation Administrativa (6/10)

- Calculating Release Dates (9/12), New Sentence Credit Laws (2/14) and addenda on Increased Time Credits for second Strike Sentences (5/14), and Minimum Custody 2-for-1 Credits (6/15) NEW some information also in Spanish Informacion re: Nuevas Leyes de Creditos de Buena Conducta (2/14)

- Information on Out-of-State Transfers (7/13) also in Spanish Informacion Relativa a las Transferencias a Prisiones Fuera del Estado (3/12)

- Information on New Classification Regulations (10/12)

-Information Re: Improper or Unlawful Use of Force by CDCR Staff (12/11) also in Spanish Informacion Re: El Uso de Fuerza Excesivo o Ilegal Por Parte Del Personal Del CDCR (12/11)

- Security Threat Group (Gang) Validation, Placement and Debriefing (11/14) NEW also in Spanish (older version) Carta Informativa Sobre la Validacion de Pandilla y Como Renunciar una Pandilla (Debriefing) (12/12)

- Valley Fever Information for Prisoners (1/15)

- State Habeas Corpus Manual (11/08) and State Habeas Corpus Form also in Spanish Procedimiento Para Habeas Corpus Estatal (11/08)

- Lawsuits for Money Damages Against Prison Officials Manual (7/12) also in Spanish Demandas Contra Oficiales de Prision para Indemnizacion por Danos y Perjuicios (7/12)

- D. Specter, Everything Revolves Around Overcrowding: The State of California's Prisons , Federal Sentencing Reporter, Vol. 22, No. 3 (2010)


- Parolee Rights Manual (8/13) also in Spanish -- Manual De Los Derechos Para Los Presos En Libertad Condicional (8/13)

- Non-Violent Second Strike Parole Consideration (1/15) NEW

- Medical Parole and Compassionate Release (5/2015) NEW also in Spanish (older version (7/14) Libertad Provisional Medica y Libertad Compasiva

- Information Re: Elderly Prisoner Parole (1/15) NEW

- Youthful Offender Parole Hearings (SB 260 and 261) (10/15) NEW also in Spanish (older version) Libertad Provisional Para Delincuentes Menores de Edad en California (SB 260) (5/14)

- How to file an Administrative Appeal (10/15) also in Spanish (older version) Como Tramitar una Apelacion Administrativa (1/13)

- Benefits Available to Paroling and Discharging Inmates (8/11)

- Community Resource Directory for Parolees (on the CDCR website)

- Sex Offender Registration and Residence/Proposition 83 Information (5/15) NEW also in Spanish (older version) Informacion Sobre el Registro, Aplazamientos y Requisitos de Residencia para de Delicuentes Sexuales (12/10).

- State Habeas Corpus Manual (11/08) and State Habeas Corpus Form

- Federal Habeas Corpus Manual (1/15)


- Parsons v. Arizona Case Settlement Fact Sheet (10/14)

- Information About Arizona's Inmate Grievance System (Medical and Non-Medical) (4/13) medical grievance information also in Spanish Informacion Sobre la Systema de Quejas Medica de los Presos de Arizona (4/13)

- Information on Suing Arizona Prison Officials (12/13), Pro Se Handbook (9/13) and Section 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit Complaint Form (5/13)


- Information for California State Prisoners with Immigration Holds (3/12) also in Spanish Informacion Para Prisioneros del Estado de California con Ordenes de Retencion Migratorias (3/12)


- Information Re: Direct Appeals of Criminal Convictions(1/12) also in Spanish Information re: Apelaciones Directas a Condenas Delictivas (1/12)

- Collateral Attacks on Criminal Convictions by State and Federal Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus (8/09) also in Spanish Los ataques colaterales en las condenas penales estatales y federales a trav├ęs de peticiones de habeas corpus(8/09)

- Challenging a Conviction or Sentence After a Plea Bargain(10/13)

- State Habeas Corpus Manual (11/08) and State Habeas Corpus Form

- Federal Habeas Corpus Manual (1/15) NEW

- Information Re: California's Three Strikes Law (Including Proposition 36)(7/15) NEW also in Spanish (older version) Informacion Sobre la Ley de Tres Fallas ("Three Strikes") de California (Incluye la Propuesta 36) (7/14).


- I Think I Need Special Education Services -What Do I Do? (12/11)

- Know Your Rights: Suspension (12/11)

- Know Your Rights: Expulsion (12/11)

- Know Your Rights: Suspension/Expulsion for Students with Exceptional Needs or a Disability (12/11)

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